Ventilation & Energy Efficiency For Powder Control

Clean rooms are vital when it comes to ensuring medicines are contamination free. Investing in new technology in addition to adopting hygienic handling techniques are paramount to effective clean rooms. Not forgetting air ducts and ventilation areas to facilitate the airflow and pressure required to ensure the required number of air changes per house and pressurisation of contaminants. Designers must dedicate time to designing clean rooms and equipment located within them. Modern clean room designs use computer aided engineering programs such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. Recent advances in construction ensure that clean rooms are built to a higher standard in terms of reducing contamination risks.

There have been a number of global initiatives around energy efficiency in clean rooms, such as the EN 16001 standard. Advances in micro-computing also allow the motors and fans that drive clean room air conditioning system to be self adjusting, whereby the airflow adjusts in relation to changes in pressure. This week we look at how the highly efficient E-Wheel from Axair fans can be used to facilitate effective ventilation systems within powder control booths and clean rooms. Available in five sizes, the E-Wheel has impressive efficiencies and key features when compared with competitor alternatives. in powder control rooms, legislation refers to noise levels per operator over a specified time period.

Recently Axair Fans was approached by a leading powder control booth manufacturer providing world class containment an infection control solutions.

The Problem: Noisy Ventilation

Due to the small size of the room given in any typical control booth or clean room, our customer required a high pressure, high airflow solution for their ventilation system. An operating duty of 300m3h with 1220Pa max pressure per fan was the required specification. The current components were proving noisy in operation and an alternative was needed quickly.

The Solution: Noise Optimised Ventilation

Ventilation using Backward curved centrifugal ewheelFitting four backward curved centrifugal impellers, known as the E-Wheel from the E-Series in a modular plug type composition proved to be an efficient and effective solution. Producing a significant reduction in operation noise and achieved the required duty with ease. The E-wheel produces cost effective savings for our customer by consuming less power in operation.

Why The E-Wheel?

The re-profiled blades and diffuser wheel of the E-Wheel make it a cost effective line when compare with leading competitor products. Cost effective materials and a focused design produce less vibration, significantly reducing the noise levels and subsequently using less power to make a cost effective and energy efficient ventilation system.

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