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It’s been almost five months since Axair Fans began offering CIBSE Clear the airapproved CPD seminar sessions in Mechanical Smoke Ventilation. Following a successful seminar held in September at HMS Belfast, London and after feedback from industry members, our capability has been extended to offering short hour long lunch time sessions held at client offices. This op
tion allows attendees to maintain their CPD portfolios while staying up to date on Industry legislation, building an increased knowledge of Mechanical Smoke Ventilation and stairwell pressurisation in addition to being aware of the Axair brand and increasing product portfolio. Using a mix of presentation material including video links and practical demonstrations delivered by a technical expert has proved a successful offering with all of our attendees leaving positive feedback following the session.

“A very good use of computer simulations and practical demonstrations”

                                                                                Graduate Electrical Engineer , Hoare Lea

“Very useful and informative information was presented”

                                                                                   Mechanical Engineer, Morgan Sindall

Having conducted our CPD sessions in various locations within the UK including Kent, Bournemouth, Manchester and Birmingham with positive feedback, Axair are looking forward to introducing new titles to our CPD portfolio.

CPD sessions enable professionals to develop their career, discover new market information, adopt best practices and recognise how Industry evolves. By working with consultants and contractors, Axair can give attendees the confidence to take on new opportunities with ease coupled with the unrivaled technical knowledge and expertise that Axair offer.

For more information on our CPD opportunities or to discuss hosting a session at your offices, please contact us.

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