Top 5 Things You Haven’t Considered About Enclosure Cooling

Enclosure coolingOften setting up a cooling enclosure can seem easy but little things are often overlooked. Here are 5 things you haven’t considered about enclosure cooling.

Enclosure Monitoring

Both indoor and outdoor electrical enclosures are often located out of sight or in remote locations. These enclosures end up being unattended for extended periods of time and are only checked occasionally by the maintenance staff.  We recommend installing some form of remote monitoring. This way if the enclosure cooling system starts to fail due to a fault, an alarm will be triggered and the maintenance personnel know that it needs attention.  Flashing signal devices such as those available at Axair ensure safety for enclosure inspections, preventing accidents by alerting operators of live voltages in open enclosures.

Ambient Temperature

It’s easy to set up an enclosure based on the current season’s weather. You must be prepared for all kinds of weather, even if it seems unlikely. For Example, during the summer months, high ambient temperatures restrict the effectiveness of cooling solutions and have a large impact on the required cooling capacity. The enclosure must be able to keep below the maximum temperature and counteract the combined effects of ambient temperature, radiation and heat load. At Axair we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through and can recommend one our filter units that are optimum to facilitate cooling.

Solar Radiation

To help combat the problem of solar radiation on outdoor enclosures there are several methods to consider. The first, being the simplest, is ensuring the enclosure is north-south orientated therefore minimising the surface area that’s exposed to the sun.

Sunshades have also been proven very effective in keeping the sun off the walls of the enclosure. Another easy tip is to paint the unit in light reflective colours or have polished stainless steel to reflect the sun’s rays.

Fandis products available from Axair fans are manufactured and tested to withstand UV exposure, often beating competitors on discoloration.

Pressure testing

Pressure testing is crucial to tell if the enclosure cooling system is working as efficiently as it should be.  The test checks that the enclosure is fully sealed to protect components from moisture and dust. Ingress of either of these can result in damage.  All Axair filter fans have a standard IP54 protection degree and permanent sealing gasket to maintain quality. Visit Axair Online to see the filter fan range.


If your initial set up isn’t proving as effective as you’d hoped downtime is a real possibility. Many people often don’t have a plan B if their cooling system stops working. The key to preventing this is research and always ensure that the equipment and cooling method is correct for its environment and use. For example, always make sure your IP rating is correct. Getting this wrong could mean having to replace parts which would be expensive. It could also be critical for the equipment inside. Having equipment down can costs companies thousands of pounds. On top of ensuring the initial set-up is all above board consider remote monitoring to know when something goes wrong and to catch it before it’s too late.

Axair Online offer a full solution of fan filters and accessories to facilitate cabinet cooling. Visit to see the full range.

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