Supersize Anti-Corrosive Fan

Axair Fans has consolidated its S35 model into its range of moulded polypropylene corrosion resistant fans, permitting more laboratory fume cupboards and larger Hazardous fume handling industrial systems to be served by a single fan.

Top of its corrosion resistant family, the S35 takes range performance to a maximum of 10,000m³/h. It is available in a choice of direct driven impeller speeds of 1450, 930 and 730/min., thus enabling this single inlet centrifugal fan to be closely matched to a specified system pressure and noise level.

The S35 has a rotationally moulded scroll housing with an inlet and discharge diameters of 315mm and can be orientated in 16 possible angles of discharge; a useful choice when confronted with unexpected installation geometry. It is also available with steel pedestal for indoors installation, or alternatively with a weather-protecting box pedestal in moulded polypropylene for outdoor installations.

Besides delivering a first class product, Axair is committed to providing selection advice from its extensive fan range and for a wide variety of accessories. This service ensures that the ideal fan is supplied with accessories designed to simplify the installation process and fine-tune system performance.

In support of its many customers in the field of fume cupboard manufacturer, Axair also stocks panel mounted air speed monitors and controllers that can be produced with the brand name LABAIR or with customised face panel. An automatic version linked to a frequency inverter can provide constant air speed regardless of fume cupboard sash height.

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