Spacers/adapters for fan filter units

Axair Fans are dedicated to accommodating the varied needs of the thermal management market. In order to provide higher product performance Axair offer a unique range of accessories to complement the range of fan filter units for enclosures. A spacer/adaptor is available to improve the performance offered by the fan filter units and has replaced the A series.

These spacers screw onto the enclosure and are available for three fan filter unit sizes. Spacers allow the fan filter units to sit from 23 to 25 mm outside the enclosure and offer the choice to panel builders when the density of equipment is so high that there is no room for the fan filter units. FPF fan filter units without a fan stand completely outside the enclosure where space is an issue.

They provide a balance of dimensions outside and inside whilst maintaining the IP54 rating of the standard FPF. There are also two colour options available RAL 7032 as standard and RAL 7035. Plus a gasket is supplied as standard. For more information contact Axair Fans now.

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