Space Saving Enclosure Ventilation: Roof Exhaust Units

An ever increasing problem with ventilating a control cabinet is having the space to fit a filter fan to the front of a cabinet. The density of equipment fitted often allows little space for the filter fan to fit to the door or have sufficient room within which to effectively cool the equipment. It may also be the case that the sides of the control panel or enclosure are surrounded by other panels, walls, or any other obstacles.

Fandis roof exhaust fan unit Axair Online Enclosure CoolingThe solution is straightforward and involves fitting a roof exhaust unit. Roof exhaust fans can be an effective alternative to conventional fan filters. A roof unit will take up no internal space and will very effectively dissipate the warm air extracted from the top of the unit.

The Fandis range of roof units all incorporate centrifugal fans which deliver a high pressure, when coupled with an appropriate inlet filter such as the new FF20U this will also provide a high airflow. This high pressure performance helps overcome the resistance of airflow within a densely configured enclosure.

TP Roof Exhaust Units

The latest range of roof units developed by Fandis is the TP series. These are constructed using PC/ABS alloy and aluminium and are coloured RAL7035. Should you have another colour in mind then they can be produced dependant on the quantity required. Different IP ratings are available to suit the application, IP24, IP44, IP54 and IP55 and all have UL approval according to UL508 and CSA approval according to CAS/CAN 22.2 No.14.

TP Roof Fan Axair Online Exhaust Unit Enclosure CoolingAll types can be controlled via a thermostat or hygrostat if required, both of which help to serve as an energy saving option as the fan is only operating when actually required. (Read our guide on Energy Saving in Enclosure Cooling).

The Fandis roof units are robustly constructed and easily fitted, they provide the ideal solution for enclosure climate control when space is at a premium and airflow is imperative.

Roof exhaust units are available to buy online and can be provided with an exhaust filter for either convection or forced air cooling in combination with a fan filter unit. Axair Online offers two series of units; the T’ series and the TP’ series.

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