HGI Fan Proves Fume Favorite for High Volume Extraction

We recently supplied a number of HGI-125-T-1 axial fans to an air handling contractor that had designed a ventilation system for a PVC sheet manufacturer.

The PVC manufacturing process produces a number of gases, including hydrogen chloride, and the wall mounted axial fans would allow for the control and extraction of any potentially toxic fumes from their facilities.

Encased in galvanised anti corrosive metal, the belt driven HGI-125-T-1 is designed to move large volumes of air at low speed, operating at 437 rpm to produce a maximum airflow of 38, 000 m³/h.

Available with 3 phase power supply as standard, they are supplied with IP-54 protection and fitted with a galvanised safety grid to prevent unwarranted human access. The back-draft louvre is fitted with an
automatic control system which will open during fan operation and
close when not in use.

Despite being capable of moving large volumes of air, the HGI-125 emits a low level of operational noise and is ideal for sound sensitive facilities.

Typical applications for the HGI-125 include poultry and livestock farms, greenhouses, drying rooms, industrial facilities and sports centres.

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