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At Axair Fans, we’re always looking at ways to add value for our customers, whether it be improving ventilation systems, reducing costs or offering educational seminars to improve knowledge of particular subjects. One focus subject is standard EN 12101-6, Pressurisation of Staircases. Since the publication of EN 12101-6, familiarity of the standard has progressively increased along with designer and installers understanding of pressurisation systems.  In spite of this, there are some aspects of the standards which are not taken into account, for example selecting the correct class of compartment of pressurisation system relating to the building and the purpose of the system.

Axair Fans Old Trafford CPDWith this in mind and due to the increase in enquiries for stairwell and evacuation route pressurisation, Axair Fans once again teamed up with Supplier partner, Sodeca, to offer consultants and engineers a full day of educational content in the form of CIBSE accredited CPD’s.

What is a CPD?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, CPD or Continuing Professional Development means the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills and is therefore a long term commitment to enhancing ones competence. CPD is a requirement of both CIBSE and the Register of The Engineering Council. A year to the date, Axair Fans held a group seminar at HMS Belfast in London educating those in the South about fire safety in terms of car park design and smoke control systems.

2016 Venue

Old Trafford With Axair FansHeld at the prestigious home of Manchester United, at old Trafford Football Stadium, Axair conducted a morning session in the successful and informative ‘Introduction To Mechanical Smoke Control’ followed by an Afternoon session examining pressurisation systems for use in evacuation routes and stairwells. Delegates were treated to a complimentary lunch and an hour long stadium tour to break the two sessions, all hosted within a fantastic room directly overlooking the football grounds.

Specialist technical product engineer, Mark Newcombe of Axair Fans was joined by Special Projects Director, Santos Bendicho of Sodeca Ventilation to successfully deliver a thorough and educational presentation.

In addition to annual CPD sessions, Axair Fans has successfully delivered a multitude of lunchtime CPD sessions Nationally. To see the full CPD offer from Axair Fans click here or contact us to request more information. 

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