Selecting the Right Industrial Fan

Fan selection is perceived to be a relatively straightforward matter. First you take a look at what the competition uses and scale it to suit your product. Next you find an amenable supplier who will let you test a couple of fans, then you’re in business – maybe.

Sounds familiar? Well it doesn’t need to be that way, especially when you realise just how many varieties of industrial fan are possible and the amount of help that can be obtained from an experienced supplier with a diverse product range.

Selecting An industrial Fan: What to consider

Fan Selection

Consider for a moment the criteria for selecting a type of fan. There are many things to consider. Is the air essentially clean or does it contain corrosive or explosive fumes? Does it contain light dust, heavy dust or it is transporting a significant volume of materials? It is chilled, mid range temperature, elevated or high temperature? Should the air move in a straight line or is it to be turned at an angle? Is the fan housed within a piece of equipment or is it external to it? Is it outdoors, exposed to the weather, going to a temperate, polar or equatorial climate?

These are primary questions leading to others concerning the resistance to air flow or ‘pressure drop’ that can be estimated, or calculated, according to whether the product has complex air paths, or has known characteristics like ventilation ductwork and proprietary filtration systems. There will be other issues such as electrical supply, energy consumption, noise characteristics and price.

Finally, you may have to consider meeting specialised industry standards, knowing the ‘customers and practices’, and perhaps achieving your goals with equipment to provide speed control by frequency and/or voltage variation.

Axair Fans has a extensive technical team of engineers who are able to answer all of the above question, contact us on 01782 349 430 for assistance with fan selection.


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