Rosenberg Primed For Rail Fan Refurbishments

As the world’s largest supplier of motorised impellers to the rail industry, Rosenberg are clearly doing something right when it comes to developing air movement products for rail applications. Their range of backward curved motorised impellers are the perfect fit for supply/evaporator or exhaust fans in railway passenger or driver cabins. Available in two variants, the DKHM and DKHR models offer optimal performance with no drive belt and no external motor or shaft. Available in sizes 225 to 630mm, they can provide air movement up to 15 300 m³/h and their compact footprint is as small as 227x169mm which makes them an excellent choice for high-efficiency evaporator applications.

Both the DKHM and the DKHR utilise a high-performance free-running impeller which provides  efficient air movement. The only real difference between the two is that the DKHR is a motorised impeller without an inlet cone, whereas the DKHM is supplied in a frame and does feature an inlet cone. Their rugged external motors are IP54-rated with impellers mounted directly to the rotor of the asynchronous external rotor motor and superbly balanced to ensure long life, quiet operation, and low vibrations. There is also a hybrid option, the DKHL, which is supplied with a motor support plate and legs but no inlet cone plate, this allows direct bolt on to a bulk head.

Rosenberg backward curved fans are 100 percent speed controllable. Thermal contacts provide standard motor protection while halogen free cables, salt fog reinforcement, and VFD compatibility are also available options for railway applications.

The fans can be specified with electronic commutation, featuring standard AC input power and extended-life, low-temperature brushless DC motors that are controlled by maintenance-free electronic circuitry. Airflow, power, rotational speeds, noise level, overall dimensions and finish can be specified to meet the exact requirements of the user and application.

Through our partnership with The Rosenberg Group, Axair are well positioned to support rail refurbishment programmes. It is not always possible to obtain the original fan or spec for rail refurbishment but Axair can offer extensive advice and support to redesign projects and where necessary can suggest alternative solutions.

For further information, contact our Rosenberg Product Manager today.

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