Rosenberg Launch New Energy Saving EC Centrifugal Fan: DRAG

Our supply partner, Rosenberg, has recently launched a new EC centrifugal fan in a scroll casing.

The DRAG fan brings EC technology, energy efficiency and speed control to our range of double inlet forward curved centrifugal fans. Due to the different positions available for the mounting stand and the DRAG’s compact design, it is very versatile even in confined spaces.


EC Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan Rosenberg DRAG DRAD

Key Features – DRAG EC Centrifugal Fan

  • the DRAG is available in all 90° mounting positions
  • it uses an energy saving EC (read our EC technology guide) external rotor motor (What is an external rotor motor?) that exceeds IE4 Super Premium Efficiency (a standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission)
  • it benefits from infinitely smooth integrated speed controlling and integrated motor protection
  • its impeller is specifically designed for high efficiency centrifugal air movement
  • the high number of blades on the impeller mean that is it optimally designed to minimise noise
  • the DRAG motorised impeller is statically and dynamically balanced according to DIN ISO 21940-11 with quality level G2.5
  • the scroll casing is made from galvanised sheet metal and is fluidic optimised
  • maintenance free ball bearings closed on both side with long-term lubrication
  • ModBus RTU Interface is integrated
  • Protection Class IP54 (read our ingress protection guide)
  • the DRAG is available in two sizes; 250mm and 280mm
  • constant pressure and constant temperature control can be achieved using a pressure / temperature sensor or controller

Typical Applications of the DRAG

Rosenberg’s double inlet centrifugal DRAG range were specifically developed for process air technology and air conditioning. It is typically applied in settings such as:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Compressors
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Renewable Energy Sources, e.g. Wind Turbines

What does DRAG stand for?

D = double inlet   R = radial fan   A = high efficiency impeller   G = EC motor


For more information on the DRAG or any of our other air movement solutions, contact our team of Rosenberg specialists.

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