Rosenberg Group Invest in EC Production Technology

Established in 1981, Rosenberg Ventilation is an innovative fan and motor manufacturer based in the country of engineering excellence, Germany. With production sites in Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, China, France, Slovakia and their home country, Rosenberg continues to invest in the future of EC Production technology as the buoyant market continues to grow.

EC Production TechnologyIn line with changes to ERP legislation, with the introduction of ERP 2018 and 2020, the group have invested heavily into their EC production areas. This is an apparent need, as the business has recognised the increase in customers choosing to move to second source suppliers as a contingency when first source suppliers have lead time problems. In both the UK and International tendering processes, this is now a standard specification, so a significant and worthwhile investment for Rosenberg. When coupled with their existing test laboratories in their four development centres, the whole manufacturing process, from technical, service, manufacture, assembly and delivery is all done first hand within the group.

These EC production steps make Rosenberg an independent manufacturer who remain less dependent on suppliers. This enables higher levels of flexibility to respond to customer requirements so that fans and motor configurations can be altered and troubleshooting of existing customer faults are easily planned in with the technical and development teams.

Over 1400 qualified and experienced employees are hired across the motor, fans and air handling units production to ensure immediate assembly and quick delivery. The extension to the Rosenberg EC production area, modern production machines, innovative technology and a combination technical know how continues to push the boundaries in terms of German engineering excellence.

For more information on the extensive range of Rosenberg products within the Axair portfolio including backward curved centrifugal fans, cased axial fans and kitchen extraction fans contact us or visit our downloads section to get the latest literature. Follow our social pages for all the latest updates.

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