Rosenberg: A Supplier Profile – Part 2

Last week we kicked off a series of supplier profile posts with an introduction to our German supply partners, Rosenberg. Now we’ve given you an insight into their history and location we thought we’d get to the really important stuff and tell you about what they actually do.

Rosenberg support all areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) including residential and commercial buildings, hotels and restaurants, museums and galleries, airports, gyms and exhibition centres. Their fan range is pretty comprehensive and includes axial fans, centrifugal fans, tube fans, duct fans, roof fans, box fans, and kitchen exhaust fans. If you have an air movement requirement, big or
small, then it stands a chance that Rosenberg can help.

All Rosenberg fans are equipped with direct driven external rotor motors, which since 1990, have been manufactured in-house. As highlighted last week, this means greater flexibility for bespoke projects as well as shorter lead times but the use of direct driven external rotor motors also provides significant advantages against many conventional fan designs. Direct driven external rotor motors utilise low-starting currents, are 100% speed controllable (via transformer or controller)and have impressive service lives. The fact that the motor and impeller are assembled in one compact unit also means that they particularly suited to OEM applications and applications where space is an issue.

The introduction of Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC (ErP) meant that Rosenberg’s product range was expanded to include energy efficient EC (Electronically Commutated) fans.

A forward-thinking company, Rosenberg were ahead of the game with EC technology and quickly developed a range of fans to fulfil the 2013 regulations. Roughly 98% of the current Rosenberg EC range already fulfils the 2015 ErP regulations and products are constantly being redeveloped and tested.

The Rosenberg EC range can save users up to 50% in energy when compared to AC equivalents. As with all EC products, this reduced energy consumption reduces operating costs and also contributes towards protecting the environment. Rosenberg EC fans are particularly impressive as they are essentially noiseless and practically maintenance-free. The European Commission have ranked Rosenberg EC motors as higher than efficiency class 1, which means efficiency levels are above 92%.

As well as fan systems, Rosenberg also manufacture air handling units (AHUs) and this is the specialism that has bought about their work with
some of the prestigious names that we mentioned last week.

Air handling units (AHUs) are used to regulate the supply and extract of air around, predominately,  large buildings. They are an integral part of  HVAC systems and most large scale office complexes utilise AHUs. Rosenberg have supplied considerable numbers of AHUs to the Hungarian Mercedez-Benz site in Kecskemét, to Coca-Cola and Microsoft in Germany and to many more famous corporations worldwide.

Rosenberg’s ‘Airbox’ series of air handling units have a modular design and can be individually configured to suit the application and available space. Weather-proof and explosion-proof versions can be designed, if required, as well as TÜV certified hygiene variants.

Rosenberg’s other major specialism is energy recovery units. These units provide controlled ventilation by removing or adding humidity to a building’s air supply. Rosenberg energy recovery units are powered with Rosenberg EC motors, which when combined with counter-current heat exchangers allow for efficiencies of over 90%.

The units are space-saving and all internal components are pre-wired at the factory, providing the end user with a plug and play system. There are a number of variants in the Rosenberg energy recovery range with different features and considerations for different applications. Typical applications include restaurants, shops, hotels, educational facilities and office buildings.

To find out more about any of the aforementioned products or to explore the Rosenberg range further, contact us today.

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