Rob The Axair Runner!

Axair Fans’ South West Area Sales Manager, Robert Burn, recently participated in the Edinburgh Marathon.

Despite missing 12 weeks of training due to a motorcycle accident, Robert was still determined to take part, having assured his Charity sponsor ‘Breast Cancer Care’ that he would raise a minimum of £500.

Robert registered in August 2012, 8 months before the event; the last full marathon he had competed in was the 1996 London marathon, where he finished in 3 hours, 14 minutes. He started his training in September, wearing the same pair of shoes that he had worn in London, 17 years earlier. It took him almost a week to complete 3 miles, running a mile a day, for 3 days.

“I decided it was probably a good idea to stop smoking,” said Robert laughing, “I was smoking 20 a day since October 2000 and regret ever starting, that’s for sure.”

For 8 weeks, Robert ran every morning, until eventually, he was averaging 6.2 miles a day, this then increased to 10 miles per day. Robert avoided alcohol during his regime but was longing for a stiff drink come late September, having competed in a half marathon. “I thought my lungs were going to fall apart, my trainers did, literally!” recalled Robert. Despite this, he completed the race in the excellent time of 1 hour, 30 minutes

Unfortunately, a motorbike accident in December caused him to review his training regime and led to him swapping road running for a cross trainer at the gym. Making it to the starting line was proving to be a major challenge in itself and he often undertook gruelling, 3 hour sessions on the trainer. Come the day of the marathon though and all that hard work paid off.

“I was so taken in by the atmosphere on the day that I ran the first half in 1 hour, 25 minutes, and then I remembered that I had another 13 miles to go! It was a case of hanging on, mile after mile, for the second half. Without a doubt, it was the hardest 13 miles that I have ever run in my life, so I was pleased to see the finish line!”

Robert took the 2nd Vet prize, coming 77th overall and a with a very respectable time of 2 hours, 57, minutes, 17 minutes faster than Rob’s last marathon, 17 years earlier.

To donate to Robert’s JustGiving page, click on the following link

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