SEAT S50: Powerful Protection from Hazardous Fumes


Powerful, energy saving and quiet, it’s hard to ask for more from a fume extraction fan, but the SEAT S50 has all those attributes and more. Designed for exhausting fumes from hazardous manufacturing processes, the S50 is the largest corrosion resistant fan within Axair’s S Series and can support perilous processes such as PCB manufacturing, component washing and etching.

Fitted with a backward curved impeller, the S50 can produce a high pressure but with low noise and impressive efficiency. The fan’s polypropylene construction makes it ideal for use in highly corrosive environments and chemical industry applications, safeguarding workers from potentially harmful gases. End users that require an externally fitted system can rest in the comfort that the UV treated polypropylene will be protected from the erratic British sunshine.

Supplied with an inverter as standard, users can also benefit from enhanced speed control and an easy stop/start function, importantly this also allows for energy savings as the user can set the system to perform in line with their actual ventilation needs.

Axair Fans are the exclusive UK distributor for the S50; available now on a short lead time. For more information contact one of our engineers today.




S Range S50 Plastic Extract FansS50 Specification

  • Airflow: 5000-15000 mch
  • Total pressure: 300-1800Pa
  • Inlet: 600mm
  • Protection plate around the housing, metal stand, weather protection cover
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Backward centrifugal type impeller made of injected moulded PPH with a patented process.
  • Motor driving: direct
  • Motor support: metal stand only
  • Motor: three phase with a start up by frequency inverter.




The Difference Between Forward and Backward Curved Fans.

Backward curved impellers have fewer longer blades that generally face away from the direction of rotation however in certain cases the blades curve in both directions which is commonly known as backward curved. A forward curved impeller has a higher number of shallow blades which face the direction of the rotation, it can either be single or double air inlet.

Generally, backward curved impellers are suited to higher efficiency and higher-pressure applications requiring overall system efficiency. Typical applications include fume extraction systems, gas burner systems, high pressure condensing boilers, heat recovery systems and extract ventilation systems.


S50 in Large Corrosive Fume Extraction System.

S50 Fume ExtractionIn addition to the larger S50, Axair Fans has a wide range of corrosion resistant polypropylene fans for use within Industrial, Commercial & Educational fume extraction, but there’s nothing more exciting for our technical engineers than seeing the largest fan in their range leave the building. Especially into an application perfectly suited to its main features.

S50 for the Safe Control of Pollutants

Recently one of our corrosion resistant polypropylene S50 fans was built within a fume extraction system. After assessing system requirements, our team of specialist engineers advised that the S50 was the ideal product specification for our client. Requiring the safe control of pollutants from twelve fume cupboards within the building, they needed a fan that could deliver the duty required when all fume cupboards were in use, in addition to being suitable when not to full capacity. The S50, available in LG handing options, removes the air along the duct and through a carbon filtering system which removes a wide spectrum of atmospheric pollutants and acid gases. This was then vented out as required. Coupled with an inverter to facilitate enhanced speed control and an easy stop/start function as well as its energy efficiency benefits, the S series fan was the perfect component to exhaust fumes from the hazardous process. The customer in question is extremely happy with the performance of this powerful machine and has continued to use Axair for their polypropylene fan procurement.

Axair Fans are the exclusive UK distributor for all SEAT corrosion resistant fans including this S50; our customers choose us as we hold stock of a wide range of scroll and motor sizes with most fan being available on a short lead time including next day delivery. More surprising to our customer base is that we hold stock of the S50 when usually these would take several weeks to arrive, saving valuable time for our customers.


For more information on the S50 and other centrifugal fans within the Polypropylene range please visit the fume extraction fans product page or contact one of our engineers today.


S50 Specification




















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