New Reversed Backward-Curved Motorised Impellers

Ecofit’s current range of reversed backward curved motorised impellers just got better. These fans were already innovative to begin with so any improvements only add to their appeal.

Firstly they are pre-assembled for ease of mounting and electrical connection, with the inlet ring already fitted at the right tolerance saving assembly time and finger guards are available as an optional extra.

The whole unit is now stronger as the motor support and inlet ring are now moulded as a single aluminium casting, improving evenness and helping to strengthen the mounting of the backward curved fans.

Plus there is no need for scroll housing anymore and the improved model overcomes high resistance to airflow. They are currently available in six different diameters: 180, 192, 220, 225, 250 and 280mm.

The new reversed backward curved motorised impellers are ideal for applications where space is an issue i.e. control panels and H&V equipment, whilst keeping good airflow against pressure.

These fans are distributed in the UK by Axair Fans (UK) Ltd.

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