B Wheel – Backward Curved Impeller from Rosenberg

B Wheel Free Running & EC Modular Plug FansRosenberg’s new LRHF-B impeller is a backward-curved seven-blade aluminium fan wheel especially designed for demanding air-movement tasks with low noise and high efficiency requirements.  The new “B-Wheel” design can increase efficiency by nearly 6% and reduce noise by three decibels compared to the standard eight-blade design, depending on the application.

On the “B-Wheel” impeller, the blade diameter is smaller than the outside diameter of the cover and support plate, which acts as a rotating outlet diffuser. This new wheel geometry allows for impeller efficiencies up to 78% and also improves air volume over standard impellers operating at the same speed.

Sizes range from 250 mm to 630 mm, for application with Rosenberg’s EC motors, AC external rotor motors or standard IEC motors. All Rosenberg fan motors are CE, UL and RoHS approved.

Rosenberg “B-Wheel” impellers feature all aluminium construction and robot-assisted welding. They are suitable for hygienic or outdoor applications without additional finishing or surface treatment.

With the enormous efficiency advantages of this new series of impellers, users can easily meet ErP requirements. Contact the Axair team for more information.

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