New ErP Compliant Rosenberg Fan

GKHR EWHeel Backward Curved CentrifugalThe Rosenberg EC backward curved centrifugal fans can be supplied either with or without a mounting frame; GKHM and GKHR. As standard the electronics are integrated into the back of the fan module.

In addition, they have an integrated terminal box giving ease of connection, not only for the power, but also the external environmental sensors, BMS / ModBus and/or 0-10v control.

New versions with the “B” impeller are all 2015 ErP compliant and the range is being extended in to the GKNB version, which has the fan module with a mounting stand. The Rosenberg range is continually expanding and we are able to offer a range of backward curved fans with external electronics.

This especially aids in reducing the total space required when converting a current application from a none ErP compliant AC motor to a 2015 ErP compliant EC motor.

Learn more about Modbus and other choices of control for Rosenberg EC fans in our blog.

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