New EC fan from Axair

EC Compact Axial FanAxair Fans now offers the popular frame axial fan size 120x120x38mm with EC technology. There are 3 models available in low, medium and high speed, all in 230Volts 50/60Hz.

Put simply, an EC fan has a DC motor with an integrated AC to DC converter. It combines the practicality of using a standard operating supply with the characteristics and low power of a DC motor. The fan can be plugged straight from the mains, no extra power supply is required. The result is a very light, low power fan with greater performance than the AC equivalent.

Physically, there are virtually no differences between the AC and EC fans. All the critical dimensions are identical, so no changes are required in the case to fit the EC fan. The EC fan is fitted with a plastic casing instead of metal, making it look similar to a DC fan. The aim is to offer the EC instead of the AC without changing anything in the application in which the fan is ultimately fitted.

The main difference between the AC and EC fan is found in operation. The maximum power normally used on an AC fan is 24Watts (Super-high speed version at 230Volts 50Hz – Free air), when the maximum power on the equivalent EC is only 6watts. Furthermore, the EC version will provide more air than the AC (198m³/h against 143m³/h).

Standard AC motors rely on creating a current and magnetic field in the rotor laminations by induction across the air gap between the stator and rotor, which wastes a significant amount of power. In a DC/EC motor there are permanent magnets with are fixed field in the rotor, so the winding only has to produce the rotating field in the stator. Also as a result, the motor diameter on the EC is smaller than on the AC, providing an extra 11% airflow area. For more information contact the Axair sales team today.

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