The New ATEX Directive 2016 | What You Need To Know

Directive ChangesSince 1st July 2003, new equipment sold for hazardous area use in Europe must have complied with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC but as of 20th April, 2016, the new requirements for ATEX, concerning manufacturers of equipment used in explosive atmospheres, come into effect. This new directive supersedes the existing 94/9/EC edition. The Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs) are the same as in the old Directive (94/9/EC), so there aren’t any technical differences as far as products are concerned with a few exception (contact Axair for more information). Areas where there will be some changes include the marking process, the names of the associated documents, and product traceability. ATEX 2014-34 EU applies if the device is used in a potentially explosive atmosphere or a potential ignition source present and defines fixed and portable equipment to be installed, components, protective systems and safety devices.

The new ATEX Directive has been published to bring it into line with the “New Legislative Framework (NFL)”, which aims to improve both market surveillance and the quality to ensure that a product is designed in accordance with the standards that support ATEX and that manufacturers have a suitable system to ensure the item is manufactured according to the approved drawings.

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