Multiple Fan Array for Greater Reliability with EC FanWalls


An old ventilation system consisting of several old belt driven centrifugal fans needed an overhaul after providing compulsory supply and exhaust air to operating rooms for 42 years.

The ventilation system was optimised for efficiency using a 2×2 multiple fan array solution known as an ECFanGrid configuration by Rosenberg Ventilation, to achieve the duty of the existing belt driven alternatives while reducing energy consumption and increasing plant efficiency.


Full FanWall Turnkey Solutions

Our installation team provided a full service throughout the entire retrofit by organising additional services including crane positioning, hygiene cleaning and assembly work.


100% Satisfaction

The customer was 100% satisfied with the overall performance of the new ECFanGrid solution, especially with the uncomplicated, fast and tidy install while they were on holiday with no problems.

Multiple Fan Array : EC FanGrid


A fantastic job done by the ECFanGrid install and selection team.

For more information on our multiple fan array ECFanGrid solution visit the main solution page here or for more case studies download our case study booklet below.

ECFanGrid Case Study Booklet

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