Moving Towards Plastic

Axair Fans UK Ltd now offer the newly developed and progressive looking “TP” series roof exhaust unit for control panel cooling from Fandis.

This new fresh looking design of roof exhaust unit is an upgrade to the current metal version and improves upon the technical standard for demanding applications in electronic and electrical enclosures. The “TP” series features plastic construction in colour RAL 7035 with embossed finishing and aluminium top to better dissipate heat generated by the motor and from within the cabinet.
Fandis have specifically designed this additional roof unit to its range to provide distinct advantages over the previous metal version and its competitor based axial fan models. Among which are its building optimized dimensions, powerful backward curved centrifugal fan with compact dimensioned external rotor motor, lower noise output, and higher pressure performance and airflow. Installation is revised and simplified via 8 supplied self-tapping screws. Models are available in 230V and 110V.

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