Medium Pressure Industrial Fans

Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans

MB22 CasalsDo you need a strong and reliable fan, for general industrial applications or where the motor needs to be out of the air stream?

If the answer is yes then what you need is a medium pressure single inlet forward curved centrifugal fan or MB range for short!

These fans are made of fabricated steel for a solid construction, with a squirrel cage induction traditional motor and class F motor winding. They have an overall protection of IP54 or IP55 and a maximum air temperature of 120°C as standard. The impeller diameter starts at 80mm and goes up to 500mm, giving airflow from 195 up to 16500m³/h with pressure up to 1700pa.

Typical applications for these fans include hot air recirculation or extraction from kilns or boilers. Damp air or steam extraction and laboratory fume extraction (Non-corrosive fumes). The range also extends to our ATEX certified fans available in gas and dust zones 1 and 2.

Axair Fans (UK) Ltd, stock a whole variety of MB fans in standard configuration. Also some specific models with stainless steel impellers or hot air protected to 250°C.

Axair Fans (UK) Ltd has one of the most comprehensive ranges of industrial fans in the market.

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