Let’s Clear The Air At HMS Belfast

With fire safety a key consideration in the design of car parks, smoke control systems are extremely important as a method of protection.

With this in mind, and as lead UK distributor for Spanish engineering company Sodeca, Axair Fans, based in Staffordshire, have partnered with the company to provide a CIBSE accredited insight into the latest innovative design concepts for emergency smoke extraction, escape route pressurisation and car park ventilation. Their mechanical smoke ventilation seminar held at HMS Belfast in London on Thursday 17th September, enabled consultants to maintain their CPD with accredited hours and also to remain up to date on the latest industry legislation.

Key speaker, Santos Bendicho, Special Projects Manager at Sodeca Ventilation, who has extensive experience in smoke control and sits on various ventilation and smoke control committees at National and International level, explained the importance of effective smoke ventilation

“One of the greatest dangers in the event of a fire inside a building is the rapid spread of smoke, which in many cases may obstruct evacuation routes, making them unusable. There are several methods of smoke control which depends on the characteristics of the building. In a world of continuous technology evolution, we must invest in R & D, applying the latest technologies to our equipment

Especially designed for occupied buildings, Sodeca’s pressurisation kits are designed in accordance with EN-2101-6-2006 to control smoke, creating and maintaining over pressure in the stairwell or other escape route, to prevent the ingress of smoke, facilitating the escape of occupants and allowing access for the fire service.  Sodeca collaborate with other members of industry committees in developing regulations that continuously adapt the new requirements for building and ventilation equipment.

To fully visualise the process and effectiveness of smoke ventilation in car park stairwells, a demonstration unit was filled with and cleared of smoke to highlight escape route pressurisation.

Andrew Walton, Sales Manager at Axair Fans concluded,

“The need to protect car parks from fire and the resulting structural risks but more importantly those using the facilities is evident. An effective smoke clearance system can assist in removing generated carbon monoxide build up and also to aid smoke clearance in fires. By offering our CPD knowledge seminar, we are supporting the industry and highlighting the importance of this key sector.”

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