Laboratory Fume Extraction: How to Ensure Perfect Performance & Protection

Airflow MonitorsEnsuring that personnel are not exposed to hazardous or odorous chemicals is of paramount importance in laboratory environments, therefore a fume cupboard extraction system is often essential. Simply installing a system is not enough though; operators should consistently check that the cupboard is functioning properly and that the airflow velocity is reaching the required level. The best way to do this is by installing an airflow monitor.

Axair are the exclusive UK distributor for SEAT Ventilation, a world leader in the design and manufacturer of laboratory fan systems. Together, we can provide a comprehensive selection of airflow monitors, ranging from a basic entry level device to a more adaptable advanced model.

The Junior Air Control is an entry level airflow monitor and features an LED airflow safety display system and an audio visual alarm. Cost effective and straightforward to operate, the Junior will provide a standard alert to any changes in performance.

SEAT’s Type A monitor has all the features of the Junior but is equipped with a start/stop button to switch the fan system on or off, along with a sash high contact display to report on the effect of sash opening. The Type A also has a digital display showing air velocity in metres per second or feet per minute.

The Type C model is an advanced airflow monitor that also features a fan/off device, a digital display and a sash high contact. The added benefit of the Type C though is that it can be integrated with an inverter system so that the fan speed will adjust based on the height of the sash. Users can set velocity parameters and will be alerted if the fan performance goes outside of these.

All of our airflow monitors are simple to use and easy to install, each model has its own benefits and our range caters for varied budgets and requirements. Crucially, all of our monitors are designed to alert the user to any changes in performance and consequently, ensure their safety.

To find out more about our range of airflow monitors, contact one of our engineers today.

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