Laboratory Fume Extraction Fans

Laboratory equipment such as fume cupboards, fume hoods, local extraction arms and chemical stores all require fans that will endure corrosive fumes or protect against the risks associated with explosive gasses.

Axair Fans UK Limited offer solutions to these problems within a range of single inlet centrifugal fans in moulded polypropylene. The fans have circular spigots that vary in diameter from 75 to 315mm and have air flow rates up to 10000cu.m/h.

The range is divided into two parts. The first is prefixed ‘S’ and is for high flow rate medium pressure applications such as fume cupboard ventilation; the second is prefixed ‘ST’ and is for higher system pressures as found in safety cabinets, fume scrubbers and capture arms.

Anti-vibration accessories are available to prevent transmission of motor noise to the building structure and drain hose connectors to take rain water away from the impeller housing. The motors can also be supplied with pre-wired isolator switches to simplify connection to the electrical supply.

Directly coupled motors come in a variety of fixed speeds, three phase types being speed controllable by inverter drive. The motors are attached to either a steel pedestal for plant-room installation or to a weather-protecting box pedestal for outdoor situations.

Axair Fans is a long established supplier to the laboratory industry with many thousands of fan units and fume cupboard controls in service throughout the UK in hospitals, professional laboratories and educational establishments.

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