Commercial Kitchen Extraction Fans KBA Rosenberg

Commercial kitchens demand that exhaust fans are of sufficient quality to withstand the rigours of continuous bombardment with hot, greasy air. Furthermore, once the fan is totally contaminated, out of balance and failing to exhaust the right amount of air, it has to be cleaned efficiently with minimum down-time or risk of damage to the impeller.

The solution offered by Axair Fans UK Limited is the Rosenberg KB series; purpose designed fans for professional kitchens.

The KB series is a high quality product, manufactured in Germany for world markets. It is driven by motors located out of the air-stream, allowing the impeller to operate at up to 100°, the housing remaining cool through having a thermally insulated skin. The motorised impeller is assembled to a hinged door, which provides rapid access to the fan for inspection and cleaning.

There are two types of fan. The smaller units from Ø180 to 280 have forward-curved steel impellers whilst from Ø315 to 500 they are backward-curved and in aluminium. Air flow rates vary up to 8000³/h and pressures up to 1900pascals. Motors may be specified as single or three phase and are available with guarded external rotor motor or standard industrial motor.

                                                                                                                                Read more here >>> Efficient & Hygienic Extraction Fans for Commercial Kitchens

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