Italian Fans Help Keep Pope On Air

Almost 400,000 people have been known to flock to the Vatican City in Rome during the election of a new Pope. With that many people all vying for a look at one man, in 2007 the Vatican took the somewhat inevitable step of installing a number of large plasma screens in the city’s St. Peter’s Square region.

The screens have become a permanent fixture in the square, broadcasting the Pope’s weekly address and his Sunday prayers. With some of these events lasting almost 4 hours, it’s important that these screens don’t overheat in the Italian summer weather. The technology that prevents any overheating was provided by none other than Axair’s Italian partner, Fandis, who supply the ventilation systems for all screens in the square.

Each screen is fitted with a number of Fandis ‘FPF’ fan/filter units, providing maximum ventilation for the screen’s electronics. The FPF range are generally used for control panel and enclosure cooling but the fact that they are highly effective at preventing the ingress of dust and water, made them an ideal option for St. Peter’s Square.


Available in IP54 as standard, the units can be enhanced to IP55, to increase protection against water, dust and, where necessary, EMC/RFI emissions. This is level of protection is made possible due the unit’s chevron style louvres as well as the supporting filter. The base and cover are made of UV-resistant PC/ABS plastic which provides extra resistance against high temperatures and sunlight.

The units have a low external profile and benefit from a simple click-fit installation system. Available in a choice of ac or dc standard voltages, sizes range from 105 to 325mm square, with the largest panel designed to filter air at a rate of 680 cubic metres per hour.

These combined benefits make it easy to see why the FPF Series was the perfect choice to help people catch more than just a glimpse of the Holy Father. Contact the Axair sales team today to find out more about the FPF series and how the Fandis range can help you.

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