The Importance Of UV Protection For Fan Filter Units

UV ProtectionThe UV protection of a fan filter unit for an enclosure is an element that rarely factors into the purchasing decision when selecting fan filters or fan filter units. This element should not be overlooked especially if the enclosure is going to be situated outside. UV protection may seem irrelevant but without adequate protection, the shiny new unit will soon become an eyesore making it look old and outdated.  UV degradation can be a huge problem. It can make the plastic crack and disintegrate causing irreparable damage. This means having to buy a new fan filter unit a lot sooner than predicted which could mean potential unscheduled downtime and an unplanned expense. Cracks from the UV degradation could also cause the rest of the equipment in the enclosure to act erratically as the performance that is expected will be skewed as the cracks will affect the airflow unexpectedly.

Fandis supplied fan filter units are made from PC and ABS plastic alloy. Axair supplier partner, Fandis, conducted comparable UV Protection on our plastic models and on leading competitors too. The UV tests were completed using samples in colour RAL 7035 for both standard Fandis FPF and FF product in addition to competitor samples.  The independent in-house test results indicated that the Fandis products were much more resistant to UV exposure in comparison to competitor’s samples. The Fandis sample only started to discolour at 280h whereas the competitor samples were completely discoloured by 85 hours. Additionally, the Fandis product, supplied by Axair, displayed no cracks after the 440h test while the competitor’s product showed signs of damage and cracks after 267h.

By taking UV protection into consideration is more than a method of cosmetic damage prevention but reduces the potential problems that come with having unexpected downtime as a result of negative performance.

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