How To Choose The Right Fan

In case you missed it in our article last week, here are our top 10 things to consider when selecting an industrial fan system.

How to Choose the Right Fan System: 

Air Volume – This the rate of airflow that you require, normally measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic metres per hour (M³/Hr). What volume do you require?

Air Pressure – The amount of system pressure required in order to overcome any flow resistance and operate efficiently, commonly measured in Pascals (Pa) What pressure do you require?

Air Temperature & Climate – Will chilled air be passing through the fan or will it be mid-range or even high temperature air? What kind of ambient temperatures will the fan be operating in?

Clean Air – Will clean air be passing through the fan or is it likely to contain dust? Will the fan be exposed to any corrosive or explosive dusts/fumes?

Material Transport – Is the fan specifically being used to move any materials (for example, wood chippings), if so, what kind of material and how much are you looking to move per minute or hour?

Air Direction – Are you looking to extract or supply air? Does the air need to be moved in a straight line?

Exposure – Will the fan be housed within a piece of equipment or will it be external to it? Will it be situated indoors, outdoors? Will the fan system be exposed to any water (not necessarily rain) or weather elements? Even direct sunlight should be a consideration.

Energy & Control – Are there any restrictions on the amount of energy that the fan can use? Will the system be in operation for long periods of time? Do you need the ability to control the speed of the fan?

Noise – Do you need to consider any resulting operational noise from the fan? Is it being installed in a quiet environment?

Price – What is your budget?

Contact one of our Product Engineers today to see how we can assist your fan selection or for help with any other air movement requirements.

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