High Temperature Axial Fans for Wood Chip Applications

Drying ovens have been used in the manufacture of ceramics for many years. Lately, there has been a marked increase in the use of biofuels. This often means the need to use wood chip but that wood chip needs to be dried before it can efficiently be made into suitable form for use as fuel. The ovens used for such processes need to have the hot air inside them at a uniform temperature throughout to eliminate cool spots. In order to do this, circulation or through fans need to be used. These fans and their motors need to be robust enough to withstand the high temperatures in the oven. Axair Fans offer a range of axial fans that can withstand the high temperatures needed in these types of applications. Fans for three temperature ratings can be offered in 65°C, 90°C and 135°C. All offer an IP rating of IP55 which offers protection against water and dust. All fans have an anticorrosive finish in polyester resin and offer a stainless steel version with blast finish. For more information contact the Axair team.

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