High Efficiency EC Centrifugal Fans with Simple Control

Axair Fans UK Limited, in partnership with German fan manufacturer Rosenberg GmbH, has introduced a new range of EC backward curved centrifugal motorized impellers – also referred to as “plug fans”.

EC motors (Electronically Commutated) offer great benefits in terms of energy savings, operating directly from a three phase AC power supply, but internally on super efficient, high voltage DC, by way of a fully integrated controller. It also allows the fan to operate over a wider range of AC voltage, from 380 to 480 Volts 50/60Hz as standard, without affecting the operating point of the fan.

EC motors can operate over synchronous speed, independently from the 50/60Hz AC power supply and can consequently run at higher speed than normal AC motors, offering higher pressure and making these fans ideal for filtered systems, such as clean rooms, powder control booths and safety cabinets. Each model is available either as a simple motorised impeller or as a complete fan module with brackets and inlet ring. Now available from Ø280, Rosenberg offers a range of 11 models, up to Ø630.

The Rosenberg EC system offers up to 25% fewer losses than an equivalent three phase motor and inverter drive at full speed and even greater benefits at reduced speeds. EC fans are also easily controlled (by 0-10VDC or PWM signal output) down to low speed when the application is on standby (night time for example), considerably decreasing the overall power consumption. This simple controllability and lower running cost make EC technology very attractive for applications such as air conditioning condensing units, air handling units and other refrigeration applications, especially when more than one fan is used within a system.

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