High Efficiency Axial Fans from Rosenberg

Axair Fans has a full range of plate and cased fans from Rosenberg. The sizes range from 200mm to 1000mm diameter; meeting the requirements of ErP 2013 and in many cases are ErP 2015 compliant too. Not only are these sizes available in three phase, but also in single phase for both plate and cased axial fans. These high-efficiency axial fans are used where ever large air volumes must be ventilated against low to medium pressure. High-efficiency axial fans with square inlet cone are used for ventilating restaurants, gymnasiums, conference rooms, workshops, ware- houses, swimming pools and greenhouses.

Rosenberg AC axial fans can be installed in any position and the speed is 100% infinitely variable. Thermal contacts provide standard motor protection. In addition to the standard AC fans, Axair are able to offer a full range of EC (Electronically Commutated) version of the plate axial fans ranging from 500mm to 1000mm diameter. The EC axial fans have the standard AC input power and offer extended-life, low-temperature due to the brushless DC motors. They are controlled by maintenance-free electronic circuitry; which is integrated into the motor. The EC fans can be controlled via a 0-10v input, the Rosenberg fan motors run cooler and quieter than the AC alternative. For more information and technical advice, contact the team at Axair Fans.