Alerting Live Enclosure Voltages with The Flash Signal Device

Flash Signal DeviceThe maintenance and inspection of electrical enclosures should be carried out under safe and efficient working practices. The latest product from Axair’s innovative supplier partner Fandis, the flash signal device is designed to aid this maintenance while also complementing the existing range of internal components available for the effective performance of electrical enclosures.

Using The Flash Signal Device

The device is designed to indicate when a live voltage is present when an enclosure door is opened. With three red flashing signals that illuminate when this voltage is shown preventing electrical accidents for maintenance personnel.
The CE approved Fandis flash signalling device can be installed in single-phase systems or in three-phase systems and in addition to functioning as a voltage indicator, the presence of a flashing light may also indicate the lack of one or more phases.
Manufactured with a thermoplastic casing, the flash signalling device for electrical panels can be easily mounted on top of the electrical enclosure, easily installed alongside one or two limit switches. The first limit switch supplied has the function to turn off the flash device when the electrical cabinet door is closed, to avoid its lights continually flashing and, therefore, saving energy and ultimately reducing costs for the end user. The second switch if used, could automatically disconnect the voltage from the electrical panel, at the door opening.

What are Limit Switches?

Door-limit-switchesLimit switches are a practical solution for sensing applications in enclosures. They are mechanically activated to switch on the lamp or switch off a live voltage inside an electrical cabinet or enclosure.
Available with fixing screws or by adjustable brackets (FD02 and FD03) the flash Device also allows you to simulate a closed door situation of the electrical panel, to turn on the switchboards and restore power to permit maintenance operations.
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