Ultra Durable Filter Media For Fan Filter Units

Axair supply a wide range of thermal components, fan filter units & filter media to facilitate enclosure cooling and cabinet ventilation.

Filter Media

A fan filter is used to dissipate heat within an enclosure or cabinet, preventing the premature failure of the equipment inside it.

The most common method is to pull the warm air out (reverse flow) near the top using a fan filter while cooler air is drawn in through a stand alone filter at the bottom of the cabinet. Both fan filter and filter provide protection to IP54 and prevent the ingress of dust and water splashes. Increased protection can be specified to IP55 if needed on most of the range.

Ingress protection of both dust and liquid is prevented by using a G4 filter media. This type of media is from the P15 series and is touch, high performance suitable for all types of filtration in many ventilation systems.

Filter media Characteristics:

The filter media is manufactured from high performance nonwovens produced inhouse from elastic, break-resistant polyolefine fibers with thermal bonding. G4 media is a progressive structure, with layers being arranged behind each other to ensure that the density of the fibre layers increases towards the clean air side. This optimises the defined filter performance and dust holding capacity, resulting in longer useful lifetime for the filter concerned.

G4 filter media satisfy the stringent requirements of Fire class F1 according to DIN 53 438 and are thus self extinguishing.The filter media has been tested to EN 779 and are manufactured under quality management system to ISO 9001. This offers all users the reassuring certainty that all filters will be supplied in consistently high standardised quality.

Special Features of G4 Media:
  • High resistance through their entire useful lifetime
  • High mechanical strength of the material offers good stability throughout its lifetime
  • Thanks to the fibres, G4 media is widely resistant to chemicals like solvents, acids and alkalis
  • The filter media is cleanable by careful washing up to 10 times

For more information on how to change a fan filter media or to buy replacement fan filter media for your fan filter unit visit www.axaironline.co.uk

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