Filter Fans: What is the difference between the FF & FPF?

The re-engineered FF series of filter fans offers an innovative easy-to-mount solution that requires no tools thanks to a simple click-fit design. Due to its enhanced construction, the FF considerably reduces the risk of water infiltration and increases operational safety. We explain the key differences between the FF series and the original FPF series of filter fans below.

Click-fit rapid installation with mounting clips

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Innovative new mounting clips have been added to the FF series to allow for fast, tool-free installation. No screws are needed as the filter fan unit is simply pressed into the enclosure cut out. It is designed to work with multiple panel thicknesses from 1mm to 8mm. Although the FPF series also have mounting clips, they are more limited in terms of the thickness of the panel to which they can be applied.

Easy slide opening

A key difference between the FF and FPF design is the sliding front cover. To replace filter media (read our guide on how often to do this), the cover of the FF can be easily slid upwards and removed by hand with no need for tools. Whereas, a screwdriver is required to take off the FPF cover. Whilst this is a small change, it will save maintenance time and reduce the risk of damage to the cover.

Improved water resistance

Both FF and FPF series benefit from Fandis design features, such as, slanting louvres on the filter cover to facilitate water runoff. However, the FF also has angled grooves in the seal between the base and cover to improve moisture resistance up to IP55. This can be increases to IP56 with use of a stainless steel cover.

Hidden seal

The FF benefits from a dedicated perimeter seat that houses the seal between the filter unit and the enclosure. This has been added to improve ingress protection by allowing the filter to sit flush to the panel without letting dust settle on the seal.


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