Fan Coil Monitor is Real Cause for Alarm

Tackling The Undetected Failure of Fan Coil Units in H&V

The undetected failure of fan coil units is a long standing problem in heating and Axair - Ecofit new EC Fan coil fan with Alarmventilation. Coil units, like the types found in Heating &Ventilating (HVAC) applications tend to be unmonitored and system failures can often go unnoticed to the point where a refit or refurbishment is required or where air simply ceases to flow from the ductwork. Axair Fans can offer a solution to this problem that will help to keep fan systems running at maximum efficiency, for longer.

Most new specifications for heating and ventilation call for failure monitoring in some form. The most popular option for fan coils is a tachometer output, which generally come as standard with most manufacturers  EC motor ranges. The problem with using tacho monitoring is that multi-fan systems within a plenum arrangement are systems of two halves. The inlet side are under a constant low pressure and the discharge side under constant high pressure, as soon as a fan fails and begins to slow down, the tacho pulse also slows, until the unit stops and runs in reverse. Tachometer monitored systems will not show fan failure until either the motors are locked or there is a complaint that the unit has lost performance or there is too much noise as one or more fans run full speed to try and pick up the duty lost when most of the fans are failed.
The Axair double inlet, centrifugal fan not only features a highly efficient EC motor, surpassing ERP 2013 and 2015, but also has a built-in failure monitoring system to detect failures of individual fans or failures of fans within a deck.

The failures are monitored via a normally closed contact within the motor which is calibrated to open when the fan speed drops below 200RPM so as the motor come to a stop the monitoring circuit is opened which the management system will detect as a fan failure this can then be serviced more effectively.

This range of EC double inlet with alarm is available from stock, already fitted with a fan coil flange including 2 industry standard nut inserts on either sides for quick and easy installation. For more information about the specifics of the GDS range click here. 

For further information on our range of EC motors with or without fan failure monitoring contact Axair Fans UK Limited or visit our Technical page to learn more about how Specific Fan Power (SFP) influences the fan coil market. 

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