Exhibiting at the S-Lab Show

S-Lab ShowThis week we attended the S-Lab show “Science, Innovation, and Translation: The Design and Operation of Research laboratories, Incubators and Science Park Facilities” which was held at the York Racecourse. This innovative show is a unique initiative that supports innovation and laboratory improvements. To support this, during the 2 day event, as well as having numerous exhibitors showing the delegates what is new and forward thinking in the market there where continuous seminars and lectures throughout the day.  As many as 5 seminars at a time ranging from the laboratory market to Energy efficiencies in Labs making delegates spoilt for choice.  Many of the lecturers where from all over the world, sharing their up to date knowledge and encouraging delegates to share their experiences from around the world making the education truly well rounded and balanced. S-Lab was created as a non-profit initiative funded by the higher education funding council and initially was meant for universities but has now grown into an affiliate of the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) and is known worldwide.


The Axair group went to S-lab to share our unique experiences and to educate delegates on hazardous fume extraction. We pride ourselves not only in our products but in our knowledge of the products, how they work and the industry as a whole. We also offer “The Axair Educational Fan Pack” which provides the end user with a kit with all the components needed for successful fume extraction in labs. The kit contains a centrifugal in a scroll based on your exact requirements, a motor starter, electrical isolator, connectors, mounts and scroll drain. In addition to his our team of product engineers will assist in selecting the right fan & ancillaries for your installation. We also offer CPD’s on hazardous fume extraction on request.

For more information click here for our hazardous fume extraction page.

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