Reducing Ethylene to Slow Down The Food Maturation Process

Food Maturation in Fresh ProduceReducing ethylene to slow down the food maturation process of fresh produce is key to cutting down the amount of food waste in the retail and hospitality sectors working with fresh produce. Axair have a range of hydroxyl radical technology that reduces the production of ethylene and one company in particular to trial this technology is Freshview Foods Ltd, situated just opposite our premises in Wolstanton.

If you’ve ever visited Axair Fans before, you’ll know that we’re located on an industrial estate with a wide range of neighbouring businesses, all operating in different markets and sectors. Freshview Foods Ltd, are one of a few businesses that we work closely with in terms of social and environmental impacts. As an example, between the two businesses, we manage the cleanliness of the estate by organising regular business led clean up initiatives and encourage other businesses on the estate to take part and have a collaborative vision to look after our own spaces. We’ve jointly been featured in local newspaper business sections to highlight the great work we’ve done on environmental initiatives.


Clean Air Initiatives

Freshview are aware of how Axair has approached clean air and the welfare of our employees since everyone returned to work after lockdown restrictions were lifted. This led them to overview their own procedures to improve employee support and promote wellness & wellbeing within the workspace. Clean Air technology works by mimicking the natural process of oxidisation where hydroxyl radicals are formed and work as a sanitizer cleaning the air and surfaces. Much research has also been gathered as to how these hydroxyl radical devices can help in reducing ethylene to slow down the food maturation process.


Food Maturation in Fresh Produce

Reducing Ethylene – Reducing Food Waste

Did you know that ethylene is the most important gas to be monitored and controlled in the fruit and vegetable supply chain? A small amount of ethylene gas is enough to trigger the maturation process of fruit or vegetables, inducing over maturation and accelerated quality loss.

Wellisair technology is proven to reduce ethylene, therefore indirectly reduces food waste. Businesses within this sector are becoming more aware of the benefits of hydroxyl radical technology as opposed to other ongoing costly measures to prevent food spoilage. More common options for preventing food spoilage include use of adsorbents and scrubbers to remove external ethylene, the use of chemical inhibitors to prevent ethylene biosynthesis and the use of chemical inhibitors. Clean air devices that produce hydroxyl radicals on a repeat loop can help to promote a longer shelf life for food whilst also sanitizing the air and surfaces on a continuous loop.


Clean Air in The Hospitality & Retail Sectors

Freshview operate within the retail and hospitality industries, providing fresh produce to retail through small business owners to large multinational supermarkets, and hospitality through direct sales of fresh produce to restaurant and café owners. As the hospitality industry reopens, hygiene and infection control are now key tasks for business owners to consider. Freshview approached Axair with the decision to trial and implement hydroxyl radical technology within their offices to protect the welfare of their employees and to improve the shelf life of their fresh produce.


Wellisair Clean Air Technology

Reduce Ethylene with the WellisairThe Wellisair disinfection device is the clean air solution that Freshview implemented, which has dual functions perfect for their requirements.  The device works to clean the air eliminating pollutants, viruses, bacteria, VOC’s, Allergens, Odours and Gas, while at the same time, it also works to sanitise surfaces using Hydroxyl Radical technology. Both technologies together create a safer space reducing employee anxiety, encouraging a more comfortable experience when returning to work and also improved the employee perception of their employer, as a caring business who looked after the health and wellbeing of their staff. In addition to protecting employees, clean air technology serves a secondary purpose for businesses such as Freshview, who operate with fresh produce.


What do Freshview Say?…

“Following positive feedback from our team we have invested into a number of the Wellisair units to protect various communal areas within the business. We’re proud to be at the forefront of adopting clean air technology and we’d like to see all of our hospitality partners adequately protected to ensure that nothing else stops your business succeeding after the unfortunate year, so we’ve secured a 5% discount on all Wellisair units purchased by Freshview customers”.


For more information on utilising clean air technology to reduce food maturation or to get the technical report on this topic, email Axair on [email protected]


Want More Information?

For more information on any clean air solution or to discuss how you can obtain 5% off any Wellisair unit to protect your employees and business, contact us on 01782 349430 or email [email protected]


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