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We Are A Carbon Zero Company


Carbon Zero CompanyBeing green has never been more crucial. With companies in the UK taking more responsibility for the environment and making better decisions to benefit the world’s future, being a carbon zero company is becoming the norm in the United Kingdom. Here at Axair we are no exception. Like many companies in the UK we have achieved our carbon zero status by offsetting our carbon emissions, we do this by working in partnership with carbon management company, CO2 Balance. At the Axair Group we are proud to announce that we have been a carbon zero company for 2 years.

CO2 Balance focuses on many third world impoverished countries and provides said countries with life changing, energy saving solutions having a huge impact on their day to day lives such as fresh water supplies and safe cooking stoves.

A recent example of this is their work in Meru, Kenya. Working in partnership with companies such as Axair, the project has thus far distributed 20,000 improved stoves to households in the area. These efficient stoves reduce carbon dioxide emissions as they require less wood to burn. This not only benefits the environment but inhabitants as many live in small huts with improper ventilation and often suffer from smoke inhalation and other adverse effects associated with indoor air pollution. The reduction in firewood also means it takes the families less time to gather wood and costs them less money in wet seasons when they must purchase it.  Another benefit for the families is a reduced fire hazard and reduced burns and injuries from cooking.

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions another environmental benefit of the project is the reduction of deforestation and degradation of surrounding forests as well as a reduced risk of flooding. These both lead to reduced soil erosion and nutrient loss.

At the Axair Group we encourage people to make the best decisions possible to protect our planet and each other. We put our social and environmental responsibility at the forefront of everything we do from the running of the company ensuring that everything is energy efficient, to supplying energy efficient products.

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