Impressive Efficiencies In Fume Extraction

A common control within laboratories for the prevention of explosive and hazardous substances is by using a fume extraction system.

Axair Fans has a wide range of corrosion resistant polypropylene fans for use within Industrial, Commercial & Educational fume extraction. There’s nothing more exciting for our technical engineers than seeing the largest fan in their range leave the building. Especially into an application perfectly suited to its main features.

Powerful, energy saving and quiet, it’s hard to ask for more from a fume extraction fan. The S50, taken from the S range of fans, has all of those attributes. Fitted with a backward curved impeller, the S50 can produce high pressure but with low noise and impressive efficiencies. Our team of specialist engineers advised that the s50 was the ideal choice for our client.   Requiring the safe control of pollutants from twelve fume cupboards within the building, we needed a fan that could deliver the duty required when all were in use in addition to being suitable when not to full capacity. The S50, available in LG handing options, removes the air along the duct and through a carbon filtering system which removes a wide spectrum of atmospheric pollutants and acid gases. This is then vented out as required.

S50 Fume ExtractionCoupled with an inverter to facilitate enhanced speed control and an easy stop/start function as well as its energy efficiency benefits, the S series fan was the perfect component to exhaust fumes from the hazardous process. Six months on, the customer in question is extremely happy with the performance of this powerful machine.

With a focus on fume extraction, Axair Fans will be once again exhibiting at The S-Lab conference in Nottingham on 21st September. Come along for a chat to see how choosing the right fan can increase ventilation system efficiencies. Alternatively contact us for more information or technical assistance.






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