Ecofits EC Motor Range – G9, V8 & the New F5

The range of EC Motors from supplier partner Ecofit continues to grow in size, efficiency and features as we see the introduction of the New F5 EC motor with input power up to 85Watts.

Our Ecofit EC motors have many advantages:

      • Easy driving
      • High efficiency
      • Low energy consumption
      • Integrated monitoring functions
      • Easy installation and connection
      • Expanded functionalities: speed control, speed sensor or alarm, constant airflow, constant pressure. With their small size, EC motors F5 are interchangeable with ECOFIT AC motors.


ecofit ec motorsEcofits current offering of EC motor comprises the below motor references:

  • ECOFIT EC motor G9 is external rotor motor with input power up to 150Watts
  • ECOFIT EC motor V8 is a new external rotor motor with input power up to 300Watts. V8 motor replaces L4 motor, with the advantage of higher power at lower speed.
  • ECOFIT EC motor F5 is an external rotor motor with input power up to 85Watts. The compact design of our new EC motor allows it to achieve higher efficiency in a space as compact as our AC motors.



Ecofit single inlet EC fan GREG92014: G9

Back in 2014 Ecofit’s already comprehensive range of EC motors was extended to include a 115v AC input. The UL approved G9 series motor were available in 115v with input power up to 150w. Consequently, this meant that the following fans were, at the time, available with EC technology:

  • GREu G9 single inlet centrifugal fans 133Ø – 200Ø
  • GDSu G9 double inlet centrifugal fans 120Ø – 180Ø
  • RREu G9 backward curved motorised impeller 192Ø – 225Ø

These additions significantly increased the flexibility and control of 115v applications by offering speed control with 0-10v DC / PWM, tachometric output or alarm relay, without the requirement for a stand-alone controller.



V8 Motor range Axair Fans2017: V8

In 2017, Ecofit introduced the V8 EC external rotor motor. The high power EC motor known in the industry as the “V8 motor” is a new external rotor motor with input power up to 300Watts manufactured by our innovative and reputable supplier partner Ecofit. For our existing customers, the V8 motor replaces the L4 motor, with the advantage of higher power at a lower speed enabling a better overall efficiency. Previously the external rotor motor collection consisted of the G9 with input power to 150Watts, and L4 models enabling a motor power rating up to 250Watts. The new addition increases the options available from the Ecofit range to 300Watts with the added built in feature that enables our customers to maintain constant pressure and constant volume depending on individual project requirements. Larger motor requirements will continue to be offered from our Rosenberg range of high power motors across the axial and centrifugal fans range.



Ecofit F5 Motor2021: F5

This year, the introduction of the new F5 EC motor sees the latest motorised backwards motor with wheels of diameter 133, 188, 192 and 220, single inlet centrifugal forward fans of diameter 108 to 160, double inlet centrifugal forward fans of diameter 120 to 133 will accommodate the interchangeable function.


For more information, contact one of our Product Engineers today or to learn more about Rosenberg EC Fans visit this post. 


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