EC Fan

When it comes to EC VS AC there are pros and cons for both. EC technology has continued to increase in both awareness and popularity in the air movement market. The increase in popularity was evident from this year’s ISH HVAC tradeshow in Frankfurt where a significant number of exhibitors had EC fans and for most of them their EC fans took centre stage.

For those who are still unsure, EC stands for electronically commutated and combines voltages of both AC and DC bringing the best of both technologies together to form EC. This means that the motor runs on DC voltage but with an AC power supply.

EC motor efficiency ranges between 80% and 90%. To put this into perspective, a three phase induction motors maximum efficiency is at 75% and PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors have a maximum efficiency of between 60% and 70%. By using an EC motor the payback is instant and can provide cost effective savings over its lifetime.

Not only is an increase in efficiency and cost savings apparent, but EC fans also have a higher level of controllability. EC speed modulation is more efficient than it’s AC and DC counterparts. The increased motor control means that, unlike the AC and DC alternatives, the motor will not be running above what is needed. Traditional motors can run higher than what is needed and this leads to huge energy losses.

EC motors can be retrofitted to replace existing AC motor components. The magnetic rotor works in sync with an electronically rotating field.  This means that is it possible to achieve any required operating speed irrespective on the AC line frequency.

When technology is present in an external rotor motor EC versions are usually compact and have a plug and play design making installation simple. The size of the motors save substantial space within a unit. The additional space and increased energy efficiency both lead to spending less money.

With these undeniable gains in effectiveness and efficiency using EC, it’s evident why the demand for EC technology is on the rise. Additionally rules and regulations from environmental groups, especially in the leading European countries, are demanding better energy efficiencies in technology. Year by year they expect lower energy consumption meaning, inevitably, EC will continue to grow and eventually surpass its AC counterpart.

AC fans and motors however will continue to offer additional benefits for applications where a stable and more durable supply is required such as marine or military applications, but where cost effective savings in general HVAC and OEM applications are required, EC components should be considered.

At Axair we work hard to provide our customers with the latest in EC technology and stock EC fans throughout our ranges. For more information on our range check out our EC Technology page or email us at Alternatively you can call us on 01782 349430 to discuss any requirements you may have.

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