EC Technology for Fans: Save Money and the Planet

Climate change becoming the big issue of the 21st century, extensive research and development is carried out to bring the best products with minimum impact on the environment. This is why fan manufacturer Ecofit is now introducing EC technology within its extensive range of fans and motors.

EC Technology Axair FansSimply, the EC technology (meaning Electronic Commutation), is a fusion of AC and DC Voltages, bringing the best of both worlds: The EC motor is running on a DC voltage but with a single phase 230 Volts supply (115 Volts option). The effect is minimum power consumption, infinite control possibilities (through 0-10V signal or PWM), but with a standard 230 volts 50/60Hz supply. Unlike the DC motor, which requires a separate controller (often considered as expensive, cumbersome and impractical), EC technology incorporates voltage transformation within the motor. The non-rotating part of the motor (stator) has been extended to make room for an electronic PCB board which includes power transformation AC to DC, as well as the controls. The whole aspect is similar to a standard AC external rotor motor but with a slightly deeper base.

The results are reduced energy consumption producing an increased efficiency of 70% on current models (compared with 50% maximum in the AC single phase direct alternative).

The electronically commutated motor can be offered with a number of options, such as Hall effect sensor or alarm output. The EC programming is also suitable for constant speed or constant pressure control.

Virtually, the whole Ecofit range of motors and fans could be extended to EC technology, with immediate availability the Ecofit renowned high efficiency/low noise plastic motorised impeller diameter 192, 220 and 225mm, with a performance from 615m³/h up to 1260m³/h. Forward curved versions are also available in diameter 146 and 160mm.

All Ecofit products comply with the RoHS directive.


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