EC radial fans offer high efficiency with simple control!

In response to calls from the market for high efficiency motors with simple control, and complimenting our established DC, single phase and three phase driven backward curved motorised impellers, Axair with Rosenberg, has added EC driven radial fans to the range,

Available in three sizes from 450 to 560mm diameter, these Electronically Commutated fans have fully integrated electronics allowing either local or remote control and can be monitored and controlled over a telephone line via a standard RS485 interface. The fans are ideal for any application requiring close control, for example in HEPA filtration systems such as Clean Rooms and Powder Control Booths, without the need for complicated external power supplies and controls.

In these days of high energy costs and Carbon Taxes the overall efficiency of these fans, saving typically 25% over the best three phase alternatives, also makes the EC radial fans ideal for Air Handling Units.

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