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Influence of E-Wheel Efficient Impeller: Noise and Energy

With an ever growing focus on system efficiencies, manufacturers of industrial equipment must take into account individual components to ensure that these key influencing factors achieve the desired energy savings. Replacing inefficient components that are often overlooked in ventilation systems, can result in sizeable gains. A significant component in such systems is an efficient impeller.


Noise Attenuation

Driven by an increased market requirement concerning noise levels, the new E-series impeller design produces major reductions in operating noise levels. Designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the profiled aerofoil blades and diffuser wheel of the E-Wheel produces less vibration which significantly lowers noise levels. This is achieved by the impeller’s seven aerofoil design blades for high flow and low to medium pressure applications. The polypropylene construction also improves inherent acoustic damping.


Energy Efficiency

The noise attenuation achieved by the E-Wheel results in the fan using significantly less power when compared to standard impellers in the same air movement system. In addition to the reduction of energy loss through noise, the material of the impeller also has a substantial influence. The impellers are manufactured using a black, UV-stabilised, long fibre reinforced polypropylene which offers a host of benefits. One such benefit is the weight of the impeller. Weighing 1.22 kg/m³, E-wheel impellers are extremely lightweight when compared with aluminium or steel alternatives. Therefore, the mass of inertia and start-up resistance is minimal. The E-wheel impellers have the same external dimensions as existing impellers and a similar airflow and pressure mix, but typical system energy efficiency is increased by 4% while the noise level is lowered by 3 to 5 dB (A) depending on system airflow and static pressure.


Combining the Efficient Impeller with EC Technology

When used with an Electronically Commutated Motor (EC-Motor), the E-Wheels reduced noise, free-running, backward curved, high performance impellers make a very compact, efficient and optimally designed fan unit. EC technology boasts its own energy savings through minimum energy consumption when compared to AC equivalents. ECFanGridThe motorised efficient impeller can then be built in to modules used singularly or in multiple, known as the ECFanGrid. These combinations of efficient components enables Axair to supply fans which offer optimum performance, whilst being matched with the construction needs of the end application.


Case Study: Powder Control Booths

The E-Wheel impeller can be used in a variety of applications where noise and energy consumption are paramount such as computer room air conditioning and air handling, energy recovery ventilation, energy recovery units, box and roof fans. One case study to demonstrate the gains of the E-Wheel is a powder control booth application. Due to the size of the room in a typical powder control booth, the customer required a high pressure, high airflow solution for their ventilation system. A typical operating duty of 3300m³h with 1200Pa maximum pressure per fan was required. The existing components were proving to be very noisy in operation and so an alternative was needed. Fitting four backward curved E-Wheels in a modular plug type construction proved to be an efficient and effective solution. Producing a significant reduction in operating noise, the impeller offered a cost savings by consuming less power in operation whilst facilitating operator safety. The motorised efficient impeller of the E-Wheel is available from Axair Fans in an array of sizes. Performance curves and volume levels are readily available upon request but for best results and to ensure that the product is used in the correct application to ensure maximum efficiency, we advise that you contact us to discuss your project in depth. Contact Axair on 01782 349430 or download the brochure see how the E-Wheel can fit in with your industrial manufacturing.

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