Industrial Fans for Dust & Solid Transportation

Industrial and manufacturing processes and procedures can often produce hazardous and combustible airborne particles such as dust. This particulate must be extracted out of the working environment in order to protect other processes and any susceptible personnel. Axair, in partnership with Casals Ventilation, can supply a range of fans that can be utilised in local extract or multi-point ducted systems to remove these particles safely and efficiently.

Material handling fans are required where dust, solid and bulky materials need to be handled or conveyed, for example in food processing or biomass applications. In food processing applications, the likes of flour, sugar and grain need to be transported during the production process to manufacture the end product, and other potentially combustible environments, an ATEX material handling fan is required. The combustibility, the weight and the thickness of the individual fibres will dictate the type of ATEX or material handling fan most suitable for the application.

Casals MA P/R and MBR centrifugal fans are highly effective at transporting dust and other similar solids due to the configuration of their impeller blades. The thickness of the metal blades are designed to move air and particles without loss of balance, risk of damage or build-up of material within the fan. Air and media can be transported at 120°C as standard but up to 250°C can be handled if required. Each of these models is ErP exempt when used in such process applications.

Material Handling Fans MA P/RThe MA P/R is a medium pressure centrifugal fan, material handling fans predominantly have a straight radial impeller. Designed with inline installation in mine, the MA P/R is suitable for solid dust material transport, except that of textile fibres. With manufactured housing and blades in cast aluminium and an epoxy powder coat finish, it features a squirrel cage asynchronous motor that has rated F class insulation and an ingress protection rating of 55 (IP55). The MA P/R’s standard voltages are 230/400V, 50Hz with standard orientation is LG270. The MA range of material handling fans can achieve a maximum working temperature of carried air is 130°C and ambient air 60°C. Other versions are available on request including 60 Hz are available as well as special voltages. 2-speed motors and the following orientations: LG0, LG45, LG90, LG135, LG180, LG315.


Material Handling Fans MB P/RThe MB P/R is a medium pressure centrifugal material handling fan with a radial straight impeller designed for inline installations for solid material transportation in food processing, biomass and other industrial applications. The simple inlet straight blade impeller is manufactured from steel sheet and reinforced with a welded ring protected with an epoxy powder finish. The housing is made from steel sheet and had an epoxy powder finishing coat. The motor is an asynchronous squirrel cage motor with IP55 and class F insulation. Standard voltages 230V 50Hz for single phase motors, 2390/400V 50Hz for three phase motors and uo to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers. Its standard orientation is LG270. The MB P/R’s maximum working temperature of carried air is 130°C and ambient air 60°C.


Material handling fans with a straight impeller also include the ERP compliant medium pressure MBZM P/R. The fan manufactured in Fe360 sheet. The fan paint finish is a Qualicoat polyester powder coating stoved at 200 °C with an average film thickness of 70 microns. The average heat resistance of the coating is 180°C with peaks at 200°C.  The housing is fully welded and joined. The simple inlet straight blade impeller is also made of Fe360 sheet statically and dynamically balanced. The impellers are painted with epoxy primer that can resist temperatures of up to 300°C. The motor is a standard asynchronous squirrel cage motor with IP55 protection and class F insulation. Manufactured with standard voltages: 230V 50Hz in single phase motors and 230/400V 50Hz in three phase motors up to 2kW and 400/690V 50Hz. The standard orientation for the MBZM P/R is LG270, this can be adjusted in models 220 to 620. In sizes 710 to 1000 the orientation is fixed.

Designed with inline installation in mind The MBZM P/R series is suitable for solid material transport and textile material transport. The MBZM P/R’s maximum working temperature of carried air is 130°C and ambient air 60°C.

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