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Here at Axair Fans we have a strong belief in doing everything we possibly can. As a carbon zero company we love to be environmentally friendly, and raise money for charity and donate. We believe that we are #MoreThanJustAFanSupplier.

This Week, for the first time ever here at Axair we donated to The Little Princess Trust. Now, this donation wasn’t to be in the form of money as you would expect, but in the form of hair. Our Marketing Co-ordinator generously offered her long hair for the donation. She cut off 30 CM of hair, the optimum amount specified by the charity.

DonateThe Little Princess Trust is a charity that can’t help but warm your heart. What they do, is make real hair wigs for boys and girls with cancer. During the aggressive cancer treatment most children will lose their hair which can really take its toll on their confidence. They also help kids with alopecia. The charity work with specialists and experienced hair dressers who can tailor make the wigs to the child’s individual needs. This ensures it will look and feel as real as possible.

This inspirational charity was set up in 2006 by the parents of a little girl called Hannah Tarplee. She was the original little princess.  She was sadly diagnosed with cancer and after a brave battle died in 2005.

Her parents searched high and low for a child’s wig and it was only after extensive research that they found a company that provided them. After she passed many people offered help including financial aid. This was then when Hannah’s parents decided to launch a charity dedicated to providing real hair children’s wigs.

Since the charity was launched it has helped thousands of boys and girls. They have also extended the charity and when funds allow offer financial assistance for research into the causes of childhood cancers and into minimising the effects of chemotherapy on children.

If you would like to donate hair or money to this wonderful charity you can find all the information on the work they do here.

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