Webinars For Convenient CPD Conferencing

The web has changed how we consume content and how business liase with customers. Buyers are becoming increasingly busy with a huge workload and very little time to attend events or lengthy meetings with prospective or current suppliers. No longer do we have to travel long distances for face-to-face communication. Videoconferencing or webinars allows us to address audiences from right where we are. Yet the need to obtain information and educate ourselves is still high on our agendas. No longer do we visit the library for hard to find information. Thanks to search engines, a world of knowledge is at our fingertips.

Make no mistake – there’s nothing like being there in person. That’s why conferences, conventions, one to one meetings and trade shows are still popular with sales professionals. People still crave personal contact, but for convenience and cost-savings for both parties, videoconferencing is unbeatable – almost like being there in person.

Axair Fans WebinarsWhile offering three educational CPD topics in Pressurisation, Mechanical Smoke Control & Industrial Fume Extraction Components, Axair Fans has taken to the road over the last year to meet with customers to educate and inform. It’s been a successful time, with lots of positive feedback and some great relationships as a result. With this success, we’re excited to have taken our offer one step further, allowing those contacts with a short amount of available time, but with a thirst for information, to sign up to our regular webinars. By signing up, contacts can attend a CPD seminar or informative session from the comfort of their desk, with no travel time, no costs and the focus needed to listen intently to the content provided.

Our informative webinar sessions will cover our highly requested CPD topics in a manageable 40 minute slot with space for Questions & Answers as submitted by our attendees. Visit our CPD page to see the list of scheduled webinars available or alternatively to request a personal business webinar for your team, contact us on 01782 349 430 or email Jayne.dytiche@axair-fans.co.uk.

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