Constant pressure / constant airflow

Ecofit EC fans are now available with different airflow curves from the same fan and motor. There are several advantages of EC fans which are very hard indeed to ignore.

Where energy and cost efficiency is becoming ever more important, EC fans have low running costs along with a long life expectancy.

Along with easy speed control which ensures simplicity in use, fans have a long life expectancy and are highly efficient when under control. Constant pressure, constant airflow fans can offer a huge advantage in certain applications including fume cabinets containing filter elements.

Filter elements over time will change in resistance due to becoming dirty. As the resistance increases if the fan does not increase its duty the performance of the cabinet will drop with potentially dangerous consequences. The constant airflow fan uses a hall-effect sensor to detect the fan speed, as resistance increases the fan speed will drop.

The fan electronic will detect this and increase motor power to maintain the selected duty. This removes the need for airflow and pressure sensors to maintain fan duty giving a truly unique stand-alone solution. For more information contact Axair Fans.



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